Vintage Halloween mirror postcards (1906)

Of her Prince Charming she had long dreamed
And now wished to see him, so it seemed.
Into the mirror she looked with delight,
But the Prince she beheld gave her a fright.

Vintage Halloween postcards


She believed in the mirror’s magic spell
That of her future husband it would tell.
He must be tall, and good lineage trace:
But how could he, with such a face?
Hollow’een Greeting

Vintage Halloween


She was filled with romance, and deemed it good sport
To look in the mirror and see it’s report.
She gazed quite awhile, then a loud voice heard;
“Come do the dishes now, and don’t be absurd.”

Antique postcard


The maiden fair had a most romantic soul…
And wished her future husband to behold.
She gazed in the mirror and one glance took-
And beheld her brother kissing the cook.
Hallow’een Greeting

Vintage Halloween mirror postcards


Postcards courtesy the NYPL

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