See the retro glittering plastic Halloween Jack O’Lantern decoration so many people had in the ’70s

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Halloween Jack O'Lantern bead decoration from the 70s

Glitters by day… glows at night (1974)

Put some fun in your window… brighten a door or a wall. This translucent Jack-O-Lantern will welcome little “Trick or Treaters” with a smile.

Made of thousands of glowing plastic beads, it’s a delightfully different decoration that captures the happy Halloween spirit.

Retro glittering, glowing Halloween Jack O'Lantern bead decoration (1974)

Easy way to raise money

When you receive this unusual decoration, you’ll see immediately how you or your club or organization can earn needed money fast selling Halloween Plaques and many other products just as unique and just as much fun.

Retro glittering, glowing Halloween Jack O'Lantern bead decoration

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