The Easter Girl of 1913 at last emerges

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Easter girl, resplendent in lovely springtime finery, will soon emerge from her chrysalis of dormancy

In seven days, the Easter Girl of 1913 will break through the chrysalis of Lenten dormancy, resplendent with the accumulated and combined beauty of the centuries that have passed — an American girl magnificent among her sex.

Just a week, and she will go forth out of the winter into the spring. And the joyous note that prevails when Dame Nature herself makes that little journey will be sounded by the approaching Easter Girl with a resonance that will bring all to worship before her splendor.

Plentiful in the past

Easter Girls there have been aplenty in the past. In every period she has been the expression of the modiste and the milliner. Always she has represented an effort towards happiness. While in the succeeding years, even admitting that fashions change, the happiest achievements of each period have been kept, so that to the vision the present day Easter Girl is satisfaction.

Just now there is going on an almost ceaseless activity in order that the Easter Girl of 1913 may be sufficiently numerous. Though the somber cloak of the penitential forty days of Lent is still covering over those gayeties in which raiment and millinery count so much, its lifting is being eagerly awaited.

For that will be the unveiling ceremony of this wondrous girl, attuned to the joyous Easter bells and the spirit of the day.

But meantime, under the cloak there is swirling the splash of color material, ideas, history, lore and, though by no means the least in importance, romance. The cloak is the chrysalis and those who can see the workings underneath bid all to await the coming of this magnificent creature.

The Easter Girl of 1913

A colorful array this year

It will be her colorful array that will first hold the attention when the Easter Girl for this year makes her bow. She will glow with those shades that remind one of burning skies and blazing jewels and the Orient generally, yet within her garb and hat there will also be noticeable all of those pleasing things that made the less gorgeous habiliment of her predecessors the things of beauty they were in their time and place.

Slight wonder is it that the artist in picturing this beauty, who will soon bow before the admiring world, has made her the recipient of the profound admiration of the youth of today and the old-fashioned beau of the Antebellum period, when gallantry and romance held sway in all their charm. And one does wonder what the shades of those types of bygone decades think as they regard her.

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Surely the attitude cannot be one of jealousy, because in her ensemble of raiment and millinery the Easter Girl of next week will have some little reminder of the time of the gazing memory.

Clothes afford an opportunity for expressing an awakening spirit, and just as certain as young men’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love with the coming of spring, and flowers begin to bud and the birds to sing, feminine minds turn to clothing. It is one of the best proof! of the old saying that “one touch of nature makes the world akin.”

The Easter Girl of 1913

Rejuvenation in our midst

This impulse towards rejuvenation, while achieving its main result in the resplendent Easter Girl, is mirrored in masculine appearances. In them, too, there is a demand for new things so that the Easter Girl is assured of a properly groomed escort.

Romance figures largely in her appearance. Her sway as the Easter Girl gives her chance to envelop herself in that colorful appeal, and sometime during the promenades of Easter Sunday one can encounter her with a softer light than one of triumph over the success of her appearance, shining in her eyes.

Two particular places in Philadelphia are the familiar avenues of the Easter Girl. Rittenhouse Square has always been the rendezvous of her prototype in the socially elect set, while her no less radiant sister of the city at large is to be seen in her greatest glory on Broad street in the afternoon and evening.

But it is the Boardwalk? at Atlantic City that sees the Easter Girl supreme. The cream of beauty of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore, as well as representations from every state in the Union is there to be found.

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