Wild & wonderful new ways to wrap gifts (1961)

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Great gift wrap ideas for bulky & odd-shaped kitchen gifts

The best way to gift-wrap a bulky or odd-shaped kitchen appliance or utensil is — don’t! Give it a fanciful shape, instead — with Christmas paper, ribbons, gay ornaments, and such.

Take an electric blender, for instance, and turn it into a frothy pink strawberry soda. Turn an electric tea kettle into a cocky rooster with wattles and comb of curly ribbon.

With a little imagination, a vacuum cleaner turns into Santa Claus, an oven-proof casserole into a sailboat, a coffee maker into a candlestick. We put a golden sunburst on an electric frying pan and king-and-queen crowns on a set of wooden canisters. Gaily wrapped gifts pop out of a toaster.

P.S. Don’t misplace the instruction book and the warranty!


6 ideas to gift kitchenware


Toaster has a wide ribbon band topped off with a pompon bow. Gay foil-wrapped gifts take the place of toast slices.




Tea Kettle sports wattles of self-sticking red ribbon, blossom-bow eyes, and a comb of shredded 1-1/4″ ribbon in many colors.



“Sail Away” Casserole

Casserole dish is rigged into a jaunty sailboat with gift-paper sails held up by ordinary cardboard roller.



Sunny-side-up Electric Fry Pan

Frying pan is crowned with a glamorous sunburst made of gold foil and Christmas balls.



King and Queen of Canisters

Canisters wear gold cut-out crowns, curled ribbon hair, cut-out eyes, and gold seal medals.



Strawberry Soda Blender

This blender is stuffed with shocking pink foil, topped with fluffy pink ribbon pompons and angel hair “whipped cream.” Straws are paper-covered tubes wound with red ribbon.



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