Victorian eggnog recipes for a party

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Victorian eggnog recipes for a party

Victorian eggnog recipes for a party

Egg nog is considered the national drink for Christmas. Here are some recipes which were obtained from well-known experts in the art of mixing drinks. These recipes will each make enough of this festive beverage for a party.

Victorian eggnog recipes for a party

1. Egg nog recipe for a party (1890)

Divide the white and yellow parts of the eggs. Beat them separately until stiff. To the yellows of fifteen eggs, add half a pound of good brown sugar, then stir into this three pints of the best French brandy and one pint of the best Jamaica spirits and enough rich cream to form a gallon of egg nog. To this add the beaten whites of the fifteen eggs. This is the old Maryland style.

2. Eggnog for a group (1890)

To make one gallon of eggnog, take one dozen eggs, beat the yolks and whites separately, add one pound or pulverized white sugar to the yellow part, then stir until the sugar and eggs are thoroughly mixed. To this add one quart of best whisky or brandy and half a pint of Jamaica rum: stir while pouring in the spirits and add three quarts of milk. Decorate the top of the mixture with the whites of the eggs beaten stiff.

3. Egg nog for a party (1890)

Take one and a half pounds of pulverized white sugar and the yellows of two dozen eggs. Beat these together. Add one gallon of cream, and then add half a pint of best rum and one quart of best whisky. Stir while mixing, and pour liquors in slowly. Beat the whites of the ears until they are stiff and float on the top of the eggnog in the bowl. A gill of Benedictine added to this mixture pleases many palates. It is very important to place the liquor slowly in the mass after the cream has been added.

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4. Eggnog for a holiday party (1890)

To the yellows of eight eggs well-beaten, add half a pound of powdered white sugar; mix with one gallon of rich cream. Stir in one pint of rum and one pint of brandy or whisky. Beat the white of the eggs and then place on top the liquid. A little oil from the rind of a lemon gives a good flavor.

This is the last: One dozen eggs to one gallon of milk, sugar to the taste, one quart of whisky, rum to the taste. Add milk to the sugar and yellow of eggs beaten together, then add spirits.

5. Egg nog for a party of 20 (1869)

Half dozen eggs; 1 quart brandy; 1/2 pint Santa Cruz rum; 1 gallon of milk; 3/4 pounds white sugar. Beat separately the whites and the yolks of the eggs. Mix all the ingredients except the whites, which should be beaten until they have a light frothy appearance, in a punch bowl, then let the whites float on top.

6. Maryland eggnog for a party of 20 (1889)

Mrs. Justice Field was a Maryland girl, and she gives a recipe that speaks of the old days of hospitality. It is egg-nogg, or the “greeting cup,” and in Maryland and Virginia houses, is sent around Christmas morning to every room before breakfast.

1 gallon of milk
1 dozen eggs
15 tablespoonfuls of sugar
1 grated nutmeg
1 pint of brandy
1 pint of Jamaica rum

Divide the yolks from the whites and beat them. Beat the yolks and sugar until light. Add the brandy and rum, stirring constantly. Last of all, put in one gallon of milk or cream, and cover with the beaten whites of the eggs.

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