This jolly cut-out toy Santa really jumps! (1960)

Our jolly cut-out Santa really jumps!

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He jumps and he jiggles — a spritely old elf all ready to laugh in spite of himself. He’s a special present to you and your children — from us.

All you have to do is cut out the pieces and mount them on cardboard or Bristol board available at any art store. The large holes are for brass fasteners, the small ones for string. Assemble as shown [below].

  • Put four brass fasteners through front. Turn Santa over and place face down on table. Slip on arm, Raggedy Ann, and legs. Slip string through holes and knot.
  • Put back piece on and close fasteners. When string is pulled, pieces should move freely. Fasten on boots. Thread a string through hat for holding or hanging up.

jolly-santa-really-jumps-christmas-1960 (2)

jolly-santa-really-jumps-christmas-1960 (1)

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