Shiny old-fashioned Christmas decor for your home (1916)

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Vintage Christmas postcards (1)

Merry Christmas - antique postcard

Sparkling, shiny Christmas decor for your home (1916)

by Dorothy Dale

Half the joy of the holiday season is in gayly decorating the home. You can easily make your own Christmas decorations, and the little ones can help you with your labor of love. Garlands and chains festooned about the tree may be made of red and white peppermint sticks tied with narrow scarlet ribbons. Tin foil makes an effective decoration. Crescents and stars may be cut from cardboard and covered with tin foil and suspended by a silver cord or picture wire.

Christmas bells may be made from scarlet or white bristol board. White cardboard, gilded or silvered, makes pretty bells. A circle four inches across will make two bells.

White crystals are made of rice paper. The simplest way to make the crystals is to fold a circle about 4 inches in diameter, marking the pattern with a lead pencil on the folded circles, and then cutting it out. Once the paper is unfolded, a crystal appears which may be strung with thread so as to form a snowy chain of crystals glistening with diamond dust.

Vintage Christmas postcards (2)

Red and green for the Christmas table

Red and green are the colors used principally for decorating at Christmas. The kiddies will love a table with Santa Claus standing on a snowy cotton mound dressed in red crepe paper, with trimmings of white cotton to simulate white fur. The hair and beard are also of white cotton. Secreted in snowy mound are little gifts wrapped in holly paper. Each souvenir is attached to a long green ribbon, which is drawn to the cotton and reaches to each place.

To complete the effectiveness, the candlesticks are capped with crepe paper shades sparkling with diamond dust, and each candlestick is encircled, with a wreath of small everlasting flowers.

The bon bon boxes are little boxes in the shape of snowballs, adorned with a gay spray of holly and filled with red and white sweetmeats.

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While the guests are seated, little telegrams may be distributed which contain personal Christmas greetings. The glass dome of the chandelier may be covered with Christmas pictures, cut out and pasted on the paper.

A table with the star for its principal feature has a large red star-shaped box outlined with diamond dust holding the souvenirs. From the chandelier by means of wire are suspended strings of stars.

More stars and festive decor

The sandwiches may be cut in star shapes and the cakes iced with red icing, decorated with green candies. The ice cream may be served in a snowball shape, sprinkled with coconut. Tie a bit of evergreen to each cup handle. Popcorn wreaths are effective for decorating the table. Sew each kernel separately on white hat wire and form circles.

Vintage Christmas postcards (1)

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