Simple, inexpensive Christmas giving (1916)

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For the Christmas giving: Suggestions from 1916

We are told there is plenty of work for all, and the wages are reasonable; but all the necessities of life have risen so highly in cost that the pinch is felt even among the best paid. So, the Christmas giving must be carefully balanced.

One of the most welcome of the inexpensive gifts, and one which carries no touch of barter and exchange, is the picture postal card. They come at all prices, and many of the cheapest are beautiful, and will carry a tender message from friend to friend.

Of the plain postal cards, ready-stamped, twenty-five cents will carry twenty-five messages; a few kindly words, name and address, will be all that is necessary. Each card, of course, among the picture cards must be stamped with a one-cent stamp; but some of the least expensive are beautiful.

Simple Christmas giving (1916)

Many of these Christmas cards are humorous without being coarse, and will carry a laugh with them to the heart of your friend.

Common, suggestive pictures should be tabooed, even among men; and there are so many of the better class that one can hardly fail to be satisfied. The recipient will feel glad to return the compliment, with no sense of money obligation.

A good, cheery letter will carry untold comfort and good will, and create a heart-warmth second to none other. The children should remember the lonely old folks with the letter, no matter what else goes with it. Though parents should send letters to the far away young people, because inevitably they will have a touch of homesickness with the day.

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Antique Christmas cards from 1916

And now, while we are talking of “gifts,” I want to ask every one of you to send a postal card to me. I have been with you a long time, and many of you are warm, personal friends, though we have never met.

“Just a few words” from the old friends as well as the new, giving name and address, so I will know who to thank for the kindness. Many of our old time readers, who were with us when I took my place among you have gone home; but new ones have joined us.

Meantime, I wish each and every one of you a heartsome, wholesome Christmas and a prosperous New Year, with the hope that the “peace” we all pray for may soon still the troubled waters of the world.

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Vintage Christmas cards (1916)

Verse on a Christmas card from 1916

It’s hard to pass the tempting shops
So full of gifts to send
But friendship measures not good will
By what we have to spend

Here’s just a card of Christmas cheer
But with it goes to you
A heart that holds more friendliness
Each time the day is due

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