Holiday hostess tree! A retro-style Christmas tree with meat ornaments (1961)

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A Christmas tree with meat ornaments

A Christmas tree with meat ornaments: It’s a holiday hostess tree!

Trimmed with good-to-eat Oscar Mayer tidbits stuck on with cocktail picks, this gay tree is sure to be the center of attraction at any holiday buffet.

(The tree is simple… just parsley sprigs or huckleberry leaves stapled by hand with #10 wire screen staples to a cone of Styrofoam. The base is a funnel from your kitchen.)

If you’d like detailed directions for making the tree and the easy party snacks, they’re free… at your meat market.

Why not clip the diagram at the left of this page right now? It tells you which delicious Oscar Mayer Meats you need for the snacks.

But whichever you choose, and how ever you serve them, happy eating and happy holidays from our family to yours!
Holiday hostess tree! A retro-style Christmas tree with meat ornaments (1961)

Go totally ’70s and make a retro shrimp Christmas tree appetizer for your holiday party! Here’s how

The meats on the Christmas tree

1. Oscar Mayer Bacon, cooked, wrapped around stuffed olives

2. Oscar Mayer Little Wieners, split and filled with cheese

3. Oscar Mayer Cotto Salami around ripe olives, pearl onions

4. Oscar Mayer Little Smokies

5. Oscar Mayer Liver Sausage (braunschweiger) on rye rounds, edged with chopped pimiento and green pepper

6. Oscar Mayer Boneless Canned ham around small sweet pickles

Little Wieners and Little Smokies are fully cooked-delicious either hot or cold. Set out a table grill or Hibachi so folks can toast their own, or provide a Spicy hot dip.

Oscar Mayer Holiday Hostess Tree 1961 directions

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