Gifts that you can make (1963)

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Creative gifts you can make yourself

…For girls and boys, such pretty toys –
I’ve dolls and drums and sugarplums
For all little girls and boys.
– Author Unknown

  • Cover your favorite albums and scrapbooks with material, then sew, glue, or iron on decorations. Cut the letters especially to personalize the album.
  • Keep Dad’s maps together attractively in this easy-to-make map holder. You need just a single strip of felt, canvas, or heavy cotton long enough to fold on each end to form two pockets. Seal the edges with fabric cement or iron-on tape. Again, decorate with iron-on tape cutouts or fabric cutouts glued on to the billfold-type container.
  • Young warriors will make many a conquest with these shields cut from 1/2-inch plywood. Enamel a bright color and fasten a leather strap on back. Apply crest of enamel or adhesive-backed plastic cutouts.
  • The swords are made of 4 pieces of scrap 3/8-inch plywood. Make the blade about 2 inches wide stepping down to 1-inch at the handle end. Cut a slot 3/8 by 1 in the hand guard and slip up against blade. Glue a small piece on each side to form the handle and to hold guard in place.
  • Empty jars and cans make clever banks for the young savers. Cut slots in the lids, being careful to remove sharp edges for safety. Then decorate with gay colors or designs.
  • Discarded adhesive-strip boxes can be converted into useful and safe storage for matches, fishhooks, and odds and ends. Pain the boxes and let your child decorate them. May be decorated with glued-on paper cutouts, paint, or cutouts of adhesive plastic.


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