Deck the halls with lots of homemade ’60s-style Christmas decor

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Retro Christmas home decor from the sixties (3)
Homemade ’60s-style Christmas decor: Deck the halls in keeping with your home

If your house is Colonial, be traditional.

Revive the charm, banish the cliches of long-ago Christmases. Use an abundance of ready-made ropes of real greens from the florist’s. Wind them with ribbons cut from bright felt.

For a wreath, fill a giant copper mold (housewares departments carry these) with Christmas balls attached with glue. Instead of a Christmas tree (unknown in Colonial days), have a decorative centerpiece of clove-studded apples or oranges anchored with wooden picks. Make gaily wrapped presents very much part of the picture as shown on these pages.

Retro Christmas home decor from the sixties (5)

Use everything from greens to metallic paper — and don’t forget imagination!

If your house is an apartment, be original.

Remember those fallen needles last year? Put your tree on the terrace to save space and work. Weatherproof decorations like our plastic bows are a must, and Christmas halls reflect city lights.

If you don’t have a terrace, mass your packages around two or more tabletop trees. Draw attention to one, or both, of these arrangements by draping the window with paper chains. See how we use paper chains, swags, and ropes in all our settings. Don’t be afraid of an unconventional color scheme, but do plan one that’s becoming to your room.

Retro Christmas home decor from the sixties (2)

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If your house is Victorian, be sentimental.

Bring out the special warmth and glow that only a Victorian house has, with frankly old-fashioned decorations. For example, that ladder, also used for tree-trimming purposes. Paint it red, garland it with smilax(no Victorian dinner table was ever complete without smilax [a climbing shrub]!) and use it to hold presents and candles.

Retro Christmas home decor from the sixties (3)

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If you live in a ranch house, be regional.

Look to our own Southwest for ideas. After all, that’s where the ranch house originated. Borrow from Mexico, too.

Probably your living room is done in neutrals — the beiges and the browns — and furnished in contemporary or modern, so choose uninhibited colors. The more the merrier your Christmas decorations will be.

Topping this typical ranch-house fireplace is a handmade star out from tin cans and trimmed with “Eye of God” yarn motifs from Mexico. Also from Mexico are mulled wine mugs and gourd-shaped figure.

Retro Christmas home decor from the sixties (4)

Retro Christmas home decor from the sixties (1)

Deck the halls with lots of '60s-style Christmas decor

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