A Christmas Dinner

Ellice Serena gives a menu no man will complain of

Boiled Fish

Clean the fish thoroughly and see that every particle of blood is removed. Do not let the fish lie in water longer than necessary. Rinse it carefully and quickly. Dredge a piece of cheesecloth with flour, wrap it about the fish, and tie with clean, strong cord. Place in the fish kettle and cover with cold salted water. Allow eight or ten minutes per pound, or cook until the meat sepuiatcs from the bones easily. When tender lay on a sieve to drain, remove the cloth and serve.

Steamed Wild Turkey

After the turkey is plucked, drawn and sponged with water, dredge well with salt and pepper, particularly in the inside, and put in the stuffing. Tie in shape with strong cord. Steam from two and one-half to four hours, according to size. Then put in bake pan (without water) larded with a few thin slices of sweet bacon and bake briskly until richly browned. Baste frequently with melted butter, alternating with light dredges of flour.

From the drippings in the pan, with the addition of a little flour and hot water, a good brown gravy may be made.

Chestnut Stuffing

Take a number of chestnuts, remove the outer skin and put them to boil in salted water, with a bay leaf added. When cooked rather underdone, drain them and remove the inner skin, which will come off easily. Sprinkle over them salt and pepper, add a half pound of butter cut in small pieces, and a slice of onion minced — if this flavor is liked. Fill the turkey with this mixture.

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Source publication: Pittsburg Dispatch - Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Source publication date: 18 December 1892

Notes: A Christmas Dinner, by Ellice Serena

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