Christmas and the Children

The golden gates that will soon swing open for the festive season will gladden many hearts as the myriads of favors are received. The children nowadays value their gifts numerically. Last Christmas, one little girl received over twenty presents. Now the question arises: Does the child so richly supplied value the gifts so easily obtained?

The hoarding and storing away of such things in drawers and repositories to refresh the eye with now and then may lead to selfishness, whereas the little one who divides with her less-favored schoolmates is doing the good that lies in her power, and, by making another happy, is bringing happiness to herself.

There are hundreds of children to whom a pretty little toy or little gift of some sort would mark a golden epoch in their young lives

. A pilgrimage through the lanes and alleys, with a view of entering the homes where some children are compelled to live, would call forth benevolent feelings into exercise, and the annual visit would soon be come periodical, for when the sympathies are thoroughly enlisted in behalf of the suffering ones, they reach through some avenue or other for the amelioration of their condition.

It is worth a trial.

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Source publication: The McCook Tribune - Nebraska

Source publication date: 30 December 1886

Notes: Christmas Bells

Filed under: 1880s, Christmas

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