Me Books: Cute vintage computer-personalized storybooks from the seventies

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Me Books Cute vintage computer-personalized storybooks from the seventies

Me Books Cute vintage computer-personalized storybooks from the seventies

Our computer will write a story starring your child!

Yes, we will actually write a book about your child, his home, his friends and his pets all mentioned by name!

Imagine your child’s delight in becoming the leading character in a story! Whether you read this charming ME-BOOK to your child or he reads it himself, think of his surprise as his name appears over and over again in a story that’s filled with people and places he knows.

Never before has there been a book like “My Friendly Giraffe.” It’s a true product of the Computer Age. The story is a delightful one. Your child will step into a marvelous fantasy world as he meets the friendly giraffe in front of his own home, then rides away on the giraffe’s back (together with a friend whose name you’ll send us) to a magical jungle adventure. It’s all completely believable because the names of your child and his friends are repeated throughout.

Me Books - A series of cute vintage computer-personalized storybooks from the seventies

Builds learning skills for children ages 3 to 9

Educators welcome personalized reading as a major breakthrough in learning. This ME-BOOK completely involves the child and holds his attention as no ordinary book can. As a result, his interest and enjoyment in reading grow at a rapid pace.

Your child or grandchild, niece or nephew deserves this book — not just for the fun it provides, but for the learning stimulation too. It’s for children too young to read to themselves, as well as for youngsters just learning to read. Even older children will enjoy it, because no child ever outgrows his interest in himself.

Give this wonderful gift to a child you love. Or for an extra-special treat, give two ME-BOOKS: just check the box on the order form to receive “My Birthday Book” too. Fill out the coupon below and mail it to us with your check today!

Our computer will write a story starring your child!

My Jungle Holiday with the Friendly Giraffe


My Friendly Giraffe: A Me-Book – retro personalized books for kids from the ’70s

My Special Christmas (Me-Book)



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Me-books: Over 70 places of personalization

The first totally-personalized children’s stories

Oneonta Star September 6, 1973

>> See inside the book My Friendly Giraffe here!

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  1. My Grandma had these books made up for her children. Do they still make these? The new age personalized books don’t seem to be as good of quality.

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