In 1995, Sanford launched McMarkers — two sets of  licensed scented markers — in partnership with McDonald’s. The partnership didn’t seem to last very long, as almost no mentions of the pen sets appear beyond that year.

Truly magical markers

Nifty McMarkers sit in a holder that looks just like a French-fry box and keeps a set of Magic Markers at the ready.There are no caps to lose, and even if your little Picasso happens to leave a pen out, an overnight stay in the McMarker holder will replenish the color! Sanford, $5.

Working Mother Dec 1995 magical mcmarkers


McMarker washable watercolor markers

8 color set with holder — No caps to lose!

mcmarkers-mcdonalds-sanford markers


Big fun for small fries

Introducing McMarkers, the colorful markers in two unique McDonald’s holders. With assorted fun colors, your small fries will love ’em. And with no caps to lose, so will you. Available in washable or scented. Pick up a side order of McMarkers at your local retailer today.

Working Mother Aug 1995 mcdonalds marker pens

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