Wayne Gretsky for the Deafness Research Foundation (1987)

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“Ruarc has never heard his own father’s voice.”

He’s deaf.

Ruarc McHugh is one of 16 million hearing-impaired Americans who need our help. And yours.

The Deafness Research Foundation is the only national non-profit health organization solely committed to finding cures for hearing disorders. And our overhead is funded by earcare professionals. So 100% of your contribution goes directly to research.

Research that’s fostered advances like the body aid. It can help Ruarc feel the vibrations of a roaring crowd after Wayne scores. Now let’s help him actually hear the game, and his father’s voice, too.

Help him. There’s so much to hear.

Deafness Research Foundation

1987-Wayne Gretsky for the Deafness Research Foundation

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