Bannercatch & Agent USA computer games from Scholastic (1984)

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Show us the face of Max the Master Robot.
And you may win your own talking robot

Team up with a friend to defeat Max and his robot raiders in Bannercatch.

Only a handful of people have ever seen the face of the robot leader Max. Defeat Max and his demon robots, and you’ll join this elite group. And you and your teammate can win two walking, talking robots you can program yourself

You’ll battle Max and his robot marauders in a field bigger than any you’ve ever seen. Your team must invade robot territory and grab their flag before they take yours. But be careful; Max has devised a fiendish strategy against you. And, of course, you can’t expect mercy from robots.

To make things even tougher, Max has taken a vow not to reveal his face until you conquer all his robots. Including Zweli the Invisible.

You’ll need to learn binary numbers, map reading and, above all, how to work with your teammate if you want to.

win. But even if you go down to defeat, you may win two tickets to your favorite local sports event. See the package for contest details.

You can pick up Bannercatch where you buy software. Or write to Scholastic Inc… New York, NY 10003.

But please remember, only a handful of people have gone face-to-face against Max and survived.

Scholastic: The Most Trusted Name in Learning – Available for Apple, Atari, Commodore and IBM

Bannercatch 1984 video game Max the Master Robot


Help Agent U.S.A. stop the fuzz plague.
And you can win a trip to Washington, D.C.

The FuzzBomb is turning millions of men, women and children into mindless fuzzbodies. And Agent U.S.A. can’t stop the devious plague spreader without your help.

But don’t accept the assignment unless you’re really prepared to stretch your mind. Because sharp eyes and quick reflexes aren’t enough to stop the Hizz plague. You’ll have to outthink and outplan the FuzzBomb as you pursue him around the country in super-fast rocket trains. And you’ll have to remember state capitals, learn the time zones and figure out the quickest routes across the nation. If you don’t, the fuzzbodies will turn you into one of them.

Become one of the few super-agents to defeat the FuzzBomb and you may win a trip to intelligence headquarters in Washington, D.C. What’s more, even if you never catch the evil one, tell us what you like about the game and you can become an instant winner of an Agent U.S.A. knapsack (see package for contest details).

Agent U.S.A. needs you now. So sign up where you usually buy your software. Or write to Scholastic Inc… New York, NY 10003.

Do it before the fuzz plague comes to your neighborhood!

Agent USA video game 1984

Bannercatch computer game screen

Bannercatch computer game screen

Agent USA computer game screen

Agent USA computer game screen

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