Take the Bus… the Volkswagen van, that is (1977-1978)

Vintage WV bus van in green

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Take the Bus: The vintage Volkswagen van

If your family is a crowd, you have four choices. You can jam them into a sedan, pay the price of a station wagon, bounce them around in a van, or… Take the Bus.

Take the Bus - Green VW van - 1977.

Family transportation: Take the bus

Why spend all that money and wind up disappointed? Instead, you could have the most practical family wheels anywhere, the new 1977 Volkswagen Bus. The vehicle that carries the most for the least cost. The vehicle that AUTOWEEK says “might be the real best all-around car in the world.” Just see how the Bus compares.

A sedan? No contest, of course. The VW Bus has yards more room inside.

So how about a station wagon? Surprise: the Bus gives you almost 70% more interior space than a full-size domestic station wagon. In fact, the Bus is almost as big inside as a van. But the Bus is beautifully finished and a lot more comfortable. Comfort to us is not an option.

And here’s the pay-off. According to the 1977 EPA tests, the VW Bus gets an estimated 28 mpg on the highway, and 20 mpg in the city with standard transmission. (Of course, your actual mileage may vary depending on your driving habits, your Bus’ condition and optional equipment.)

So when you consider that the VW Bus gives you that kind of economy along with its tremendous capacity, you realize why it’s such a great choice for family transportation.

And that’s not all. The VW Bus is very versatile. The rear seat folds down to provide extra carrying space, and that big sliding door lets you load all kinds of outsized cargo.

It’s fun to drive, too. There’s an optional automatic transmission, and independent torsion-bar suspension on all four wheels. And the powerful 2-liter engine has electronic fuel injection for super efficiency.

So to avoid making costly errors, visit your Volkswagen dealer. You’ll love that low bus fare.

Minivan revolution: The 1990s mom-mobiles

Take the Bus - VW van - May 1977

The VW Camper: Next time you go camping, take the Bus

Introducing the ’77 VW Camper Bus. And what a fabulous idea. The VW Bus may be the most versatile and most comfortable family vehicle ever. And in the Camper Bus version, it may be the most civilized recreational vehicle ever. You can go anywhere in comfort, because the VW Camper Bus has everything, including the kitchen sink.

Take the Bus - VW camper van - March 1977

Take the Bus - VW Volkswagen camper van - May 1978

It’s more fun to take the Bus (1977)

Economical family transport doesn’t have to be dull…

Has the size of your family driven you into a car you can’t afford? Does the car that fits your budget squeeze the fun out of your family? If so, you’ve missed the bus. The 1978 Volkswagen Bus. (Ad from December 12, 1977)

Take the Bus - VW Volkswagen van - Dec 1977

Take the Bus - Blue VW van - 1978

Introducing the 1977 VW Bus

If a sedan is too small, a big station wagon too expensive, and a van to uncomfortable, take the Bus! (Ad from February 28, 1977)

Take the Bus - Introducing VW van - 1977

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