The cost of having a baby in 1978


The cost of having a baby, 1978

A baby doesn’t come cheap these days. The medical expenses alone can range from under $1,000 to well over $2,000.

To give you an idea of typical costs and how they add up, The Better Way contacted hospitals throughout the nation and asked them to cite charges for normal delivery of a full-term baby.

Naturally, if the baby is born prematurely or delivered by cesarean section, or if there are other medical complications, expenses will run higher. For example, a cesarean section can require an additional hospital stay of three to seven days, and increases all hospital costs. Most obstetricians also increase their fees for cesarean delivery. On the other hand, you’ll save money if you decide on a birthing room or midwife approach to giving birth.

In the birthing-room method, your hospital stay will be one day, instead of three or four, which cuts back on hospital-care expenses for both you and the baby. In the midwife approach, the midwife replaces the obstetrician and charges less money.

When planning for your new baby, be sure to check the extent of maternity benefits in all your health-insurance policies.

Chart: Costs for childbirth in the hospital

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The cost of having a baby in 1978


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