The AMC Gremlin (1977)

AMC Gremlin: The fun Americans want. The size America needs.

Right from the start, Gremlin’s unique styling and sporty individuality appealed to a wide range of drivers. For 1977, we’ve given Gremlin a fresh new look that’s bound to make it even more appealing.

There’s a rich-looking new front end treatment and distinctive taillights that give Gremlin an exciting new look from bumper to bumper. But in spite of the good looks, practicality and value still get top billing.

Gremlin has a new more expansive rear lift window for easier-than-ever loading. (The back seat folds down to provide a handy, roomy cargo space of nearly 27 cubic feet.) Front disc brakes. Parking brake warning light. Foam-cushioned seats in Rallye Perforated vinyl. Bright metal exterior moldings and much, much more. To add a distinctive flair to all this new Gremlin excitement, add the sporty X Package, one of dozens of options.

Gremlin features an easy-handling 96-inch wheelbase, and a proven 6-cylinder engine with a 21-gallon fuel tank (for responsive driving performance and long driving range.)

And to protect Gremlin value, there’s the new BUYER PROTECTION PLAN II, an AMC “standard” that other cars don’t even offer as an option!




The AMC Gremlin. More fun than a barrel of gas bills.

The Gremlin is an economical* small car with the room, ride and comfort of a bigger car. It’s economical because it has an efficient 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed gear box, which manage to be very thrifty and very peppy at the same time.

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The Gremlin also comes with a lot of things that make it more fun to drive. 4 on the floor, wide-track handling and easy maneuverability, give the Gremlin quite a sporty feel. And casual Levi seats, racing stripes and slot style wheels give the Gremlin X quite a sporty look to go with it.

You also get AMC’s exclusive BUYER PROTECTION PLAN, with the only full 12 month/12000 mile warranty. That means AMC will fix, or replace free any part, except tires, for 12 months or 12000 miles whether the part is defective, or just plain wears out under normal use and service.

Discover how much fun, and how economical, driving can be with a perky, practical Gremlin.


*Based on EPA estimated ratings, 35 highway, 22 city, 27 combined for the optional 4-cylinder engine with 4-speed manual transmission. Your actual mileage may vary depending on your car’s condition, optional equipment, and how and where you drive. California figures lower.

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