Telly Savalas: Who loves Gillette razors, baby? (1976)

In 1976, right in the middle of his highly-successful run as New York City Police Department Detective Lieutenant Theo Kojak in the CBS television series Kojak (1973-1978) actor Telly Savalas took a little time out to pose for a few ads for Gillette razor blades. Here are four of the ads from that campaign, which, sadly, don’t include his character’s trademark lollipop. Who loves ya, baby?

Risk my neck?

Hey, you think I’d risk my neck with any other injector? The Gillette Twinjector Shave. Beautiful, baby.


A cut here… a cut there.

A cut here… a cut there. Not for me, baby.


You only have one face

You only have one face, baby. Treat it with some respect, huh.


No skin off my face.

So don’t try a Twinjector shave. It’s no skin off my face. (Telly Savalas as his Kojak persona.)

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