Telling mom you’ve decided to join the Navy (1976)

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What to tell your mother when you’ve decided to join the Navy.

First, tell her you won’t be gone forever. The Navy isn’t at sea constantly; you’ll be home in your uniform before she knows it.

Then tell her what the Navy can do for you. The top-quality training in over 60 career fields. That you can go into a Navy school with nothing but your own brains and come out with a skill you can use for life.

If she’s worried that Navy duty is hard, tell her she’s right. You will work, you will take orders. But if you’ve got the stuff, promotions will come right on time. You’ll travel, make new friends, see and do things you never could at home. And, with the Navy Campus For Achievement, you can work for college or vocational credits — even while you’re serving with the fleet. Your Navy recruiter has all the literature, or can answer any questions you might have. Or you can call 800-841-8000 toll free.

The sea isn’t such a strange place for a young man to go. Mothers’ sons have been growing up there for thousands of years.

Navy. It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure.


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