The smooth ’71 Impala has the longest wheelbase ever

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Impala. The car other car makers measure resale by.

Some car makers offer a special guarantee to fleet operators who buy cars in volume. They say they’ll pay the difference if the resale value of their products is less than the resale value of the best comparable competitive products.

What they don’t say is that the best comparable competitive products traditionally are Chevrolets .. . the best sellers and re-sellers year after year. In particular, Impala.

The ’71 Impala is the roomiest car in its field. It has a two and one  half inch longer wheelbase this year. Improved Full Coil suspension. New double-panel roof. New power ventilation system. Front power disc brakes. Turbo Hydra-matic transmission on V8 models. Power steering. Side-guard door beams. All standard.

Impala for ’71. It again sets the standard for other car makers to meet. At purchase time and resale time. That’s what we mean by putting you first.

Chevrolet: Putting you first, keeps us first.

An idea you can live with: buckle both your seat and shoulder belts.



The smoothest Impala ever has the longest wheelbase ever

You’ve changed. We know. In-depth research and good old common sense told us you’d be determined to get more car for your money than than ever before.

So we’ve changed in response to you.

We’ve brought you more Impala than ever before. A totally new one for 1971. And we’ve given it a ride that eclipses even last year’s for comfort. That’s thanks to the new wheelbase. Our longest ever. 121.5 soothing inches between you and what’s rough.

And thanks to our new chassis. Wider. Steadier. And our new suspension. Smoother. Quieter. But you’d like all the peace of mind and quiet you can get, too. Right? You’ve got it. With Impala’s standard power disc brakes for steady, even stops. With its new roof which puts two welded steel roof-panels over your head. Stronger. Quieter.

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With its new windshield. More glass for improved visibility.

And with its new power ventilation system that turns on when the car does. It pulls fresh air in, through, and back out again.  Even standing still, with the windows rolled up.

’71 Impala. A lot of good changes. For one good reason.

You’ve changed.


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