Puff quilts with patchwork charm (1974)

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Puff quilts with patchwork charm in easy, precut kits

by Ann B Bradley

Inspired by an old Pennsylvania Dutch “fedder bedder” comforter, our puff, or biscuit, quilt is yours to make in a kit by Distlefink.

Complete with precut patches, liner pieces and instructions, quilt or puff pillows are easy to assemble. You fill puffs individually with polyester batting to plumpness desired; this eliminated any final quilting.

Superwarm quilt comes in two color combinations (right and below, near right) and two sizes: The large is a perfect top comforter for a full-size bed or will drape prettily on a single bed; the small is baby-crib size or might double as a lap robe. Matching pillows are reversible with puffs on both sides.



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