Mattel’s incredible Sew Magic (1973)

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Here’s one of several ads from the seventies reminding girls that “their” toys should related to cooking, cleaning, sewing and mothering. Check out more retro ads targeting future homemakers here!

Sew Magic: The Imagination Machine

Introducing Sew Magic… real sewing without needle and thread. Now your little girl can sew-and-create just about anything she dreams up.

From Barbie costumes to stuffed rag dolls to bright, silly hand puppets. From practical things to nutty creations. All by herself. In just minutes. With new Sew Magic, she can start right off, making all kinds of things. There’s no needle to thread or to prick small fingers. Instead, the Sew Magic Machine sews with “Miracle Stitch.”

It’s an amazing new liquid bonding process that lets a youngster sew many of the things she might sew on a grown-up machine, but without danger and frustration. “Miracle Stitch” dries quickly, and because there’s no thread to pull out, whatever your child sews will hold tight.

In her Sew Magic Deluxe Set, she’ll get patterns, fabric, decorations, a Barbie dressmaker form, and step-by-step instructions and helpful hints from McCall’s Patterns for beginning sewers. And with some scraps of cloth and some imagination, there’s no limit to what she can do.

The new Sew Magic is at toy stores now. Why don’t you go have a look at it. You’ll like the price. And we promise it’ll give your little girl a lot more than just a few new Barbie outfits. It’ll give her a love of sewing that can last her a lifetime. And that’s something we’re pretty proud to help you give her.

Mattel's incredible Sew Magic 1973

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