John Wayne for Datril (1978)

New Datril 500

“It’s strong medicine for a headache, but gentle on the rest of your system.”

New Datril 500 has 50% more strength than regular aspirin tablets. Yet fast, effective Datril 500 is aspirin-free.

Extra-strength for your headache. Non-aspirin for your stomach.


John Wayne says to ask your doctor

“I asked my doctor about taking Datril 500. He said ‘great.’ Ask your doctor.” – John Wayne

As your doctor may tell you, plain aspirin can cause stomach upset. But there is no aspirin at all in Datril and Datril 500. They contain acetaminophen, which is far less likely to upset the stomach. And they are just as effective against headache.

Extra-Strength Datril 500 is so strong just two tablets contain the same amount of pain reliever as three regular tablets – aspirin or non-aspirin.

Fast-formula Regular Datril contains the same amount of pain reliever as regular Tylenol tablets but gets it into the bloodstream significantly faster.

In studies, on the average, by 10 minutes, 73% more Datril had been delivered into the bloodstream. And, by 20 minutes, Datril still had delivered 38% more. Datril and Datril 500. Why not ask your doctor?


The Duke asks: What more could you ask for?

John Wayne in TV commercial for Datril (acetaminophen competitor to Tylenol)

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