Ford Pickup: Works like a truck, rides like a car (1972)

Works like a truck, rides like a car

Prepare for a surprise when you first drive a Ford pickup — it rides more like a car than a truck. Steering is precise, almost effortless. Turns are sharp, with little lean or side-sway. Hardly any nose-dive when braking. Man-size room for head, legs and shoulders. And noise is something you left outside.

The reason for Ford’s great ride lies in better ideas. Like Ford’s unique Twin-I-Beam front suspension with big coil springs and two front axles that operate independently to step over bumps.

Fords are built to stand up, too — 92 out of every 100 Ford trucks sold in the past 12 years are still on the job. See your Ford Dealer and test-drive a Ford pickup. There’s a nice surprise in every one.




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