The final Richard Nixon interview with David Frost

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The final days and other highlights

Wednesday Night, May 25, Mutual Radio Presents The Final Richard Nixon Interview With David Frost

David Frost talks with former President Richard M. Nixon on the lawn of his San Clemente home

On Wednesday, May 25, 1977, millions of Americans will hear a new perspective on Richard M. Nixon, The Man, when David Frost interviews the 37th President of the United States.

Richard Milhous Nixon will tell his views on the media, his story of the final days and its effects on his family, and for the first time, his story of the pardon and his battle with death. This final historic Mutual News Special will be broadcast simultaneously on radio and television for 90 minutes.

Following the program, Mutual will present a 30-minute roundtable discussion with Host and Moderator Lawrence Spivak and nationally known Commentators and Columnists Jack Anderson and Jeffrey St. John.

Mr. Nixon will have no prior knowledge of the questions posed by David Frost nor will he be able to exercise any control over the editing or content of the program. The American public will hear for the first time a perspective that has been missing from recent American history.

Mutual stations will broadcast ten-minute highlight programs throughout the day following this historic interview. A rebroadcast of the interview in its entirety is scheduled for the following Sunday, May 29 at 7 PM Eastern and Pacific, 6 PM Central and 5 PM Mountain Daylight Times.


Wednesday, May 25, 1977 – 7:30 PM Eastern and Pacific, 6:30 PM Central and 5:30 PM Mountain Daylight Times

Mutual broadcasting system: The World’s Largest Radio Network

Check your local radio listings for the exact times and stations in your area.

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