Fashion Brite Westclox alarm clocks (1970)

From Westclox. Shades of a decorating revolution:

New Bens in Avocado, flame, Blue and Woodtone.

Big Bens and Baby Bens alarm clocks

The era of colorless alarm clocks is over.

Big Bens and Baby Bens have opened up a whole new world of time . . . a “Fashion Brite” world of clocks in shades of Avocado, Flame, Wedgwood Blue and Wood tone.

With faces that match the decorator tones of their bodies, these Bens will fit in any setting, match any decor, in any room of the house. And they have all the features that have made Big Bens and Baby Bens the most popular alarm clocks in the country . . . luminous dials, quiet tick, single key wind for time and alarm, shatterproof crystals.

“Fashion Brite” Bens start as low as $9.98. So everybody can join the Revolution.

Westclox. A Division of General Time

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