Everybody’s talking ’bout Royce CB radios (1976)

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Rough riders

Royce builds CB’s that ride the roughest roads. Because one loose connection and your CB is 10-7–out of service.

Building CB’s that can hold up under the shock of road bumps and wide temperature extremes isn’t easy. It takes more than care in construction. It takes advanced engineering design. That’s what Royce gives you. We developed the modular printed circuit for CB’s. Our modular units eliminate most of the wires normally found in CB’s. By eliminating these wires, we’ve eliminated a major source of repair problems.

Then, to make sure your Royce is working perfectly before you buy it, we electronically check every CB we build. And make sure each one is FCC-type accepted. Granted, it takes more time and know-how to build a Royce CB. But we feel the problem of keeping a CB working should be ours, not yours. That’s why…

Everybody’s talking ’bout Royce


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