Emergency! NBC TV show (1972-1977)

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More than just a TV show, Emergency! is often credited with launching not only the careers of many emergency medical providers, but the establishment and advancement of paramedic programs across the country at a time when advanced pre-hospital care was still in its infancy.

With an ensemble cast — though perhaps best known for starring Randolph Mantooth as John Gage, and Kevin Tighe as Roy DeSoto — Emergency! offered a realistic portrayal of the work of firefighters and paramedics, their interactions with hospital staff and the emotional fallout they would sometimes face from their jobs, the show also paved the way for successors including ER, Third Watch and Chicago Fire.

Created by the same men behind Adam-12 (Jack Webb and Robert A Cinader), Emergency! was never a ratings hit, but still enjoyed a successful six-season run from 1972 to 1977, and continues to have a niche in pop culture even today. – AJW

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