Delta Airlines: Run by professionals like… (1977)

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These five print magazine ads appeared in different issues of Time magazine throughout 1977 — all part of a larger Delta ad campaign centering around a “meet our people” concept.

Pilot Captain John Richards

John, who has been with Delta for 17 years, has flown just about every airliner from the DC-3 up. He spent 9 years in Delta’s training department, where he helped train about a third of Delta’s 3,200 pilots. Now he’s back to his first love, flying full-time as a 727 captain.

Delta Airlines ad 1977


Flight attendant Susan Holland

In the 10 years she’s been flying, Susan has made a lot of pleasant memories for passengers.

Delta Airlines ad 1977


Passenger service agent John Riley

John has worked on the baggage ramp, at the ticket counter, the boarding gate. He knows every second counts when he’s got just minutes to get a passenger on her flight.

Delta Airlines ad 1977


Flight superintendent Walter Doll

He has been with Delta for 15 years, the last 5 as a FAA-licensed Flight Superintendant. Walter supervises up fo 40 flights a day over the Delta system.

Delta Airlines ad 1977


Senior Customer Service agent Carl Collins

He started out as a baggage handler. He workd behind a ticket counter. He handled the boarding gates. Now he’s a senior customer services agent. All in just 8 years.

Delta Airlines ad 1977

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