Delco car stereos with CB radio (1977)

Delco’s CB and stereo

Introducing the GM car stereo system that’s really a conversation piece

Now you can enjoy factory-installed two-way Citizens Band radio and AM/FM stereo in your new GM car. It’s Delco’s new 40-channel CB and stereo… built right into the dash. And that means greater theft resistance.

What a combination! You can enjoy the smooth sound of Delco Stereo and the world of CB.

1977-delco-gm-stereo-cb-radio (2)


Introducing the Delco GM 8-track stereo you can talk on

Turn on this new Delco-GM stereo, and we’ve got you surrounded, good buddy.

1977-delco-gm-stereo-cb-radio (3)


Introducing Delco GM stereo, now in concert with cassette>/h2>

1977-delco-gm-stereo-cb-radio (1)

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