Cutlass Hardtop: Full-size comfort, small-car savings (1971)

Can’t decide between full-size comfort and small-car savings?

New Cutlass Hardtop gives you both. 

You want a car with a lot of room, a lot of class. But you also want small-car savings and economy, too. Where do you go from there? Straight to your nearest Olds dealer’s.

He’s got a new Cutlass Hardtop that gives you the best of both. It’s the lowest-priced hardtop Olds offers, gives you important advances like:

  • A big, solid Body by Fisher with room for six adults.
  • Great coil-spring ride, computer-matched to each car’s weight and equipment.
  • Pollution-fighting engines —V-8 or economical Six.
  • Aluminized exhaust and front-fender panels fight rust.
  • Flo-Thru Ventilation helps keep the interior comfortable.

And now, for a limited time, your Olds dealer is offering six “extras” at special savings. So why compromise? Get full-size comfort, exceptional economy, special savings, too.


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