Change the scene: Renovating kids’ bedrooms (1972)

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Change the scene

In a child’s room, periodic remodelings are a must, just to keep up with the child’s growth and to cover the wear and tear. While you’re about it, why not treat your youngster to a completely new color scheme?

1) A preschooler’s bedroom

We designed this room for a preschooler, but it could be adapted easily for an older child. The yellow and orange scheme is a good demonstration of how to use two related or harmonious colors. To make the room look larger, we painted the end wall a shade lighter than the carpet, ran the color across the ceiling, and painted the walls on either side white. Cabinets, door and woodwork were painted with semigloss enamel for easier cleaning.

2) Room for an older child

A combination of wallpaper and coordinated fabric transforms the same room for an older child. We painted the walls and cabinets orange, then played some strong pattern against it. We papered the end wall and ceiling in the pattern, and repeated it in the bedspread and curtains. The plaid’s neutral colors and white background help tone down the room’s intense color.

3) The room for a young teenager

For a young teen, we switched to a mix of bright colors and striped accents. We included all the primary colors, plus green on two walls. This time, we papered only the end wall, hanging the stripes horizontally to coordinate with the cabinets and to make the room seem wider than it actually is. Matching striped fabric appears on the bed and curtain trim. High-gloss enamel on the door and furniture shines up the paint-box color scheme, while white ceiling and accents provide the necessary balance.

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