Cadillac Eldorado, luxury convertibles & other 1972 models

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

Eldorado. For people with an instinctive taste for elegance.

A very special car for very special people. The Eldorado by Cadillac It looks to be exactly what it is — the world’s most elegant personal car. And, with its 8.2 litre engine, it acts the part. Moreover. Eldorado is the only luxury car with front-wheel drive, variable-ratio power steering and Automatic Level Control.

In addition, you may now specify American-made, steel-belted radial tires (inset). Also available: a Dual Comfort front seat and Track Master, Cadillac’s skid-control braking system. As the classic coupe shown or as the only luxury convertible built in America. this is motoring at its finest. Maybe it’s presumptuous to imply that any car can change your life-style. In the case of Eldorado, maybe not. Cadillac Motor Car Division.



If ever there were a thoroughbred of cars…

…this is it. Eldorado Convertible by Cadillac. It has the lines, the dash, the spirit. And something more. Because this one is unique — even among thoroughbreds. It is the only luxury convertible built in America. The only luxury car with front-wheel drive…



Cadillac. Whever men seek to excel.

The more a person strives for excellence, the more he is drawn to Cadillac. For this car stands for excellence itself. With styling, both classical and contemporary. With ever greater comfort and convenience.



Do people own Cadillacs because they get more out of life, or…

…do people get more out of life because they own Cadillacs? It’s hard to say. Because Cadillacs have been an integral part of the good life for 70 years now. In prestige, in performance, in pure driving pleasure, probably nothing offers more deep-seated satisfaction than owning a Cadillac. Small wonder Cadillac resale value is tradition. ally the highest of any car built in the land. The only question remaining is: Do you visit your authorized Cadillac dealer today or tomorrow?



The more you seek excellence, the more you belong in a Cadillac.

The more you seek excellence, the in every age, there are those who place a special premium on excellence. For them, there is Cadillac. A car admired so universally, its very name describes the best there is. For this kind of person, there is Cadillac excellence at every turn. Cadillac styling.


There’s no question about this. Real progress is being made by Cadillac and others in the massive effort to remove the automobile from the air pollution problem. You can help by using no-lead or low-lead fuels. Getting a tune-up regularly. Having the emission control systems on your car checked often. Thank you. Cadillac Motor Car Division.

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