Bewitching, colorful & lush shag carpets (1972)

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Out: Blah colors.

In: Bold, exciting colors.

Better still, two or three exciting colors mixed together. Mixed, here, in a carpet Lees calls “Bewitching.”

Lees has taken DuPont’s lush Dacron polyester fiber and made it into a Body Shag. What’s a Body Shag? Not one of those old, long, limp shags. But a thick, healthy, plushy one.

Now, if you’re still a bit scared of those glorious color mixtures, consider this: They’re more practical — show dirt less — than the old, drab, “safe” colors.

Okay now? Then call 800-243-6000, free, for the name of your nearest Lees dealer. In Connecticut, call 800-942-0655.

There are 20 “Bewitching” colors. Plunge in.

Lees — the Newsmaker carpets


Out: Grandma’s carpet patterns.

In: Never-before carpet designs like this one.


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