Bedroom extras: Storage & mirrors (1971)

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Bedroom extras

Here are two great ideas that require very little space, but can add immeasurable comfort and that extra dimension of convenience to almost any bedroom.

French armoire

Now this antique French armoire is a storage masterpiece — and it’s every bit as good-looking as it ever was. Fitted with drawers and partitioned niches, it holds sweaters, lingerie, scarves, gloves and men’s shirts. Drawers and door fronts are covered with fabric to match the room’s draperies, and the original dark finish has now been replaced with an antique glaze.

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Mirror, gingham style

This gingham-clad mirror is sure to be the focal point of any young lady’s room. Hollow-core birch doors covered with vinyl-coated wallpaper are hinged together with conventional door hinges. Bevel-edge mirrors are attached to the center of each door with mounting clips. A glass shelf on metal brackets is screwed securely to the center panel, creating a display and vanity area.

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