Banner retro bathroom decor (1971)

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Banner retro bathroom decor

Banner bathrooms

The compact size of the average bathroom needn’t suppress your imagination or limit your decorative efforts. You can easily achieve a great many handsome effects. Experiment with a wide variety of tools: mirrors, decorative tile, a distinctive wallpaper or fabric pattern, unusual lighting fixtures and accessories and, perhaps, a touch of greenery. Even your choice of towels can make a decorative point. This good-looking trio of baths is convincing evidence of how much personality you can pack into one small room.

retro bathroomsTop left: Don’t be fooled by the country charm of this his ‘n her bath. It’s filled with 20th century efficiency. Overscaled wallpaper pattern in turquoise and brown sets the color scheme which is echoed in shag carpet and wooden cabinets. Placed at right angles, the double vanity accommodates two people within a small area, minus customary confusion. Funnel-shaped copper light fixtures support the rustic look as does the copper container with its dried arrangement.

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Top right: Latticework panels over mirrored walls and ceiling give this tiny bath the quaint look of an old-fashioned garden. Panels were constructed of lattice molding and attached with magnetic catches. To clean the mirrors, simply lift out the individual panels, then snap back into place. Cabinet base was faced with 1×2 strips and painted a soft green. Two picture frame lights installed below lavatory counter, illuminate green onyx top for a translucent glow.

Right: A counter top and backsplash of mosaic tile inspired this unusual bath. The homeowner/artist put her talented brush to work and created a series of trompe l’oeil panels for cabinet door fronts. (To get a similar effect, use a trompe l’oeil wallpaper design.) Tasseled valance was hand-painted at ceiling level for another dimensional effect. The lighting is artful too: a matching pair of china-based lamps placed on matching wall-hung wooden shelves.

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