2 new Chevy Chevelles (1970)

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2 new Chevy Chevelle cars

Every car in this ad has Full Coil suspension, steel side guard beams, inner fenders, computer-selected springs and Magic-Mirror finish. You won’t find all of them in our competitors’ ads. Because you won’t find all of them in our competitors’ cars. Maybe that’s why Chevelle outsells every other mid-size car…

Now, two new Chevelles. We’ve recently added a lower-priced 4-door sedan and a lower-priced sport coupe is now the lowest-priced mid-size hardtop.

chevy-chevrolet-chevelle-cars-05-29-1970 (3)

chevy-chevrolet-chevelle-cars-05-29-1970 (2)

chevy-chevrolet-chevelle-cars-05-29-1970 (1)

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