More than you expected: Chrysler LeBaron & Cordoba (1978)

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If the down-sized Grand Prix Monte Carlo and Cutlass seem less than you expected, Chrysler presents more than you expected

The new Cordoba. The ultimate personal car… from Chrysler.

There is only one Cordoba. It stands alone.


The new size Chrysler LeBaron

Compare our new size LeBaron to the down-sized GM intermediates. You’ll find that LeBaron has significant advantages. Advantages that make LeBaron a remarkable value Chrysler LeBaron has a wider stance. A longer wheelbase. Larger radial tires and wheels. And a special front suspension, designed fort smooth, big-car ride. Ye, LeBaron is economical. Rated at 25 HWY/17 CITY with its standard 6-cylinder engine and overdrive transmission, based on EPA estimates. Of course, your actual mileage may differ depending on your driving habits, the condition of your car and its optional equipment. Mileage is lower in California.

You’ll also find LeBaron Medallion offers the special option of genuine leather seating. Not available in any of these down-sized GM cars but the most expensive Grand Prix models. Ye, LeBaron Medallion is sticker priced about $200 less than a comparably equipped Grand P. [Jar Cutlass Supreme Brougham. And about $200 less than a comparably equipped Monte Carlo Landau, without the optional aluminum road wheels shown on this LeBaron. (Not available on Monte Carlo.) Compare the new size Chrysler LeBaron. A magnificent new Chrysler. We think you’ll find it’s much more of what you’re looking for.


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