1974 Chevrolet family station wagon planner

1974 Chevrolet family station wagon planner

1974-chevy-station-wagon-planner (2)


Full-size Chevrolets.

There’s a lot of great wagon engineering here.

Caprice Estate Wagon

1974-chevy-station-wagon-planner (3)


Chevelle Malibu station wagon

We designed a mid-size wagon for families who love to drive

Chevelle Malibu Classic Estate

1974-chevy-station-wagon-planner (4)


Little Woody Vega station wagon

Think of it as our starter wagon for young or small families

Vega Estate Kammback & Vega Kammback

1974-chevy-station-wagon-planner (5)


For families who need more than a wagon

… there are roomy Chevy trucks

Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Sportvan, Chevrolet Blazer

1974-chevy-station-wagon-planner (1)

Chevrolet. Building a better way to see the USA.


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