You’re in Love, Charlie Brown (1969)

You’re in Love, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown: “There’s nothing like unrequited love to ruin the taste of a peanut butter sandwich.”

Special: Love conquers all, Charlie Brown included. Only two school days remain before summer vacation starts, and time is run-ning out for Charlie. There’s a cute little redhead in his class, but Charlie is too shy to speak to her. In a panic to make contact before school closes, Charlie tries writing notes, the John Alden gambit, psychoanalysis — even a vigil at the bus stop. “Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz wrote the story, which was animated by Bill Melendez Associates. Original music by Vince Guaraldi. Producer: Lee Mendelson.

Voices… Charlie Brown: Peter Robbins; Linus: Christopher Shea; Lucy: Sally Dryer; Peppermint Patty: Gal DeFeria; Sally: Kathy Steinberg; Schroeder: Glenn Mendelson (son of producer Lee).

Charlie Brown: “They’re showing You’re in Love, Charlie Brown on television this Wednesday.”

Snoopy: “What is love?”

Wed, June 11, 8:30 pm, on Ch 10,15,21, 43

Brought to you by Dolly Madison Cakes and the people in your town who bottle Coca-Cola. 


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