Hallmark Write-Bright & Colorburst stationery sets (1968)

The paper is raspberry. The pen is raspberry. It writes magenta.

Bright new way to color your thoughts! Each box compatible with a fiber-tipped pen that writes in a color to accent each bold new paper — be it Raspberry Ice, Malibu Blue, Persimmon, Aleutian Green or Lemon Yellow. Makes a smashing gift, too. Comes smartly gift-boxed. Write-Bright Stationery from Hallmark.



Says so much about you before you write a word

Hot new color happening! Colorburst by name. Blazing bright shades and explosive new designs spark the radiant look in the new Hallmark stationery collection. The gayest way to give letters more flair — already smartly gift-boxed for gifts to go. Every box fastened with a ribbon and sealed with the Hallmark crown.


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