Why work-a-day truckers like Chevy’s new build (1967)

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Here’s why work-a-day truckers like Chevy’s new build

(also work-and-play campers, commuters, den mothers and others)

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IT POLISHES BUSINESS IMAGES: You’ll like the way your company name looks on the side of a ’67 Chevy pickup. (So will your customers.) Chevy’s new appearance is lower, sleeker — good for business!

RIDES LIKE A CAR: A Chevy pickup rides as smooth as it looks; you’ll forget you’re in a truck. Tough work-proved suspension system provides independently suspended front wheels that step right over bumps.

ADDS TO SAFETY: Chevy pickup features such as these add security to safe driving habits: Telescoping lower steering shaft; energy-absorbing instrument panel; dual master cylinder brake system; good visibility all around.

SAVES MONEY: Chevy pickup economy comes from careful engineering as in the efficient design of famous fuel-saving 6-cylinder and VS engines. Now you know most of the reasons why Chevy’s new build will do you a lot of good. You’ll learn the rest at your Chevrolet dealer’s… Chevrolet Division of General Motors, Detroit, Michigan.

LOOKS GOOD IN DRIVEWAYS: Chevy’s styled to be seen in the best places — including your drive. Ladies please note: a lot of cars don’t look as good; and where else can you get so much help with the chores?

DISCOURAGES RUST: Long life is built right into Chevy’s new sheet metal. For instance, on the Fleet-side pickup body, there are no external joints to corrode. And there’s a new splash shield at the rear of the new rust-resistant wheelhousings.

MAKES A GREAT CAMPER: A Chevy pickup camper gets you away from home — but doesn’t leave your comforts behind. You can specify all kinds of power assists and you’ll ride in a bright roomy interior. (In some models, there’s even carpeting and bucket seats.)

STAYS STRONG: Chevy pickups have extra strength where you need it most. Like the Fleet-side pickup box, where side panels are made of double-walled steel. And the frame, built with tough carbon steel.

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Chevrolet: A brand new breed!

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