Wallpaper wizardry: The fresh home trend for 1966

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Be a wallpaper “whizzard”

Fresh pattern on the wall — even more than fresh paint — works bigger decorating wonders than almost anything else you can do. And the wonders are worked in a flash when you use the new pre-pasted, pre-trimmed papers.

They’re easy to work with: just snip off a length, dip in water, and hang. They’re inexpensive (ours range from $2.50 to $3.30 a roll) and you can forget about paperhangers. And they’re available in marvelous, never before designs that do fabulous things to a room. Or part of a room. They even help put wasted space to work-a spare closet becomes a powder room, for example, or that cranny under the stairs, a telephone corner.


Dining area off the kitchen

A dining area — lighthearted in feeling — is created at one end of a kitchen by the addition of an arch and Formica/topped storage, and by two wallpapers: a gay, red and white geranium print, and the small/figured calico covering the arch. Matching 361inch cotton calico fabric trims curtains.

Calico paper: #11364, from the “PDQ” Collection, by the United Wallpaper Company. Print paper: “Vermont Orchard,” Handi Hang Collection, by the Sherwin/Williams Company.

A telephone “booth” under the stairs

Zingy blue and green plaid wallpaper, a vivid blue lacquer counter (low-slung, just for fun), a plywood bulletin board shaped like a giant butter paddle, and a handsome Dutch door for privacy — all help make the usually wasted space beneath a stairway into a comfortable, attractive telephone “booth.” Wallpaper also lines adjoining shelves. Chrome studs provide interesting detail along baseboard.

Paper: “Tartan,” E’Z’DU, by Imperial Wallpaper Mill, Inc.



Wallpaper border for a powder room

There’s wallpaper “whizzardry” here in the way an Early American border print, used four different ways, helps turn a spare closet into a strikingly attractive powder room. The whole border print trims the chopping/block counter. Strips of the print, cut to utilize the different design motifs, decorate the walls and folding window screen, which is made of lengths of 3/4-inch plywood.

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Walls are pine boards painted a toasty golden brown. The flooring is delft blue vinyl tile by Amtico (#VP900), which has been hexagonally cut and beveled. Wallpaper: #B9811, from the “Fun With Borders” collection, by the United Wallpaper Co.


A folding screen

A quiet, out-of-the-way corner, perfect for games, bridge and hours/long jigsaw puzzles, is created with the help of a wooden folding screen that defines and partially closes off a section of the living room.

The screen is covered with a mural wallpaper in a fresh, airy pattern, wonderfully in keeping with the pale wood tones and beiges of the walls and sofa and the overall sunny feeling of the room. The floors are highly polished parquet in an intricate design that is much too beautiful to cover.

The wallpaper pattern: “Birds and Bamboo,” a Sunworthy mural made by the Canadian Wallpaper Manufacturing Company.


Flowers in the attic

Unfinished attic becomes a private, flower/strewn haven for a teen/aged girl, with painted floor, fake four-posterea rug,” four’poster bed (each poster, two two-by-fours), pink and blue daisies everywhere. Desk, counter, base of bed are raspberry Formica. Spread, hanging, skylight shade are 36finch glazed Chintz to match wallpaper-both, Daisy Dell by The Birge Company.


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