TWA helps you beat the airport waiting game 1968 (2)

TWA helps you beat the airport waiting game 1968 (1)

The airport waiting game and how to beat it.

1. You win. You came with ticket from your travel agent or TWA. Check bags only. Do not stop at ticket counter. Go directly to No. 3 Boarding lounge. (No ticket? See girl in red sash, No. 2).

2. This is TWA Ground Hostess. She has answers. She can get you to ticket agent quickly. Tell you about flight and gate numbers, the works. Get ticket from ticket agent. He’ll get you to plan on time. Go to No. 3.

3. Boarding lounge. Take seat number. Get on jet. Sit down. Fly.

4. You’ve landed. The spinner dial is an electric carousel. Chances are, your baggage is already on it, playing a waiting game for you.

You have to have a system to beat the airport waiting game. We do. A complete team of ground personnel trained to get you from front door to exit door without a hitch. When you fly at nearly 600 mph on a jet, we can’t afford to slow you down on the ground.

Nobody likes to hang around airports.

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Source publication date: February 12, 1968

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