The sensible new ’65 Rambler

1964-sensible new Rambler

New size! New space! New Torque Commander Engines — in the New ‘65 Rambler classic

New spectacular convertible — sensible handling ease

All-new Rambler Classic top-down fun car. Longer, livelier, outmaneuvers all competitive cars.

New spectacular Torque Command engines — sensible transmission choices

World’s most advanced powerplants, Torque Command Sixes offer up to 155 hp. New! V-8 options up to 270 hp. 5 transmissions, including floor-stick automatic.

New spectacular disc brakes — sensible double-safety system

Power Disc Brakes fight fade, wade through water and still stop, stop, stop! Optional addition to standard Double-Safety Brakes, separate systems front and rear.

New Intermediate Size of the 3 sensible spectaculars

Come meet the biggest, roomiest, most powerful Rambler Classics ever built. NEW! Engine choices start with all-new Torque Command Sixes that come on like Eights, soar up to 270-hp V-8. NEW! More room than ever for six 6-footers and all their luggage, yet this spectacular new Classic sensibly still turns sharp as ever. NEW! 11 all-new models for 1965, including the brilliant new convertible, hardtops, two-door and four-door sedans, two-seat and three-seat station wagons.

Glamorous new interiors, luxurious new appointments. Sporty options include Airliner Reclining Bucket Seats in two sizes, console, headrests, manual and automatic floor shifts, wire-wheel covers. Plus a host of exclusive extra-value features at no extra cost, like Weather Eye Heating and Ventilating System, Deep-Dip rustproofing and rattle-free Advanced Unit Construction. Come see what sensible buys these truly spectacular new cars are!

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sensible new Rambler -vintage cars 1964 (2)

sensible new Rambler -vintage cars 1964 (1)

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