The Riviera by Buick: Split personality (1963)

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The Riviera by Buick: Split personality

Two Rivieras illustrate a point — that the Riviera is a car with two distinct personalities.

For some people it’s the most beautiful car around. Then there’s another group, equally audible, who insist it’s not so much how the Riviera looks but what it does. And they have quite a case. The whole idea behind the Riviera was to put some adventure back in driving. We knew we’d succeeded with at least one man when he told us, “I felt like I was driving a car for the first time.”

Which group is right? Which is the real Riviera? You decide. Get in touch with your Buick dealer and decide in the comfort of a Riviera’s left front bucket seat. If you decide to take the car home with you, the price he quotes will come as a happy surprise.

America’s bid for a great new international classic car



The Riviera by Buick

America’s bid for a great new international classic car

The Riviera is the culmination of a five year program by General Motors and Buick to introduce an American car of international classic proportion and quality. The new automobile combines the best of old-world craftsmanship and coachwork With the high precision art of modern technology. The result is an automobile of the caliber one might expect to see priced at twelve thousand dollars abroad, offered here for less than half that cost.

If you would like to drive the new Riviera by Buick and experience a sensation that words alone cannot describe, we suggest that you see of telephone your nearest Buick dealer soon.


Note coachwork, above: Tailored steel flows from roof to rear deck uninterrupted by strips of chrome beading used in most cars to hide seams. Sheer glass side windows contact roof molding without metal frames — a hallmark of custom imports. Note the low center of gravity: Along with specially tuned front and rear suspension systems, it gives you a whisper-quiet ride that’s almost feline in its sure-footedness.

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