Newest telephones – in 9 different colors! (1960)

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Color, everyone?

Sure, but which? Here they are: nine of the glowing colors you may select in the handsome new phones Western Electric makes for Bell telephone companies…

The trend in telephones is definitely to color — in both home and office — to complement any decor, or for just the sheer fun of it. And we at Western Electric are happy to oblige; in fact, two thirds of all new telephones we make this year will be in color. The rest will be in traditional black.

1960-vintage-western-electric-telephone-ads (1)

Colors included white, aqua blue, ivory, light beige, white, light grey, rose pink & dark green


Colorfully yours… from Western Electric

The showers of color you see above from thousands of tiny plastic pellets. These are the colorful “jewels” that Western Electric uses to give striking color to your ultra-modern Bell telephone.

1960-vintage-western-electric-telephone-ads (3)


Belle of the wall… from Western Electric

Extension wall phones made by Western Electric not only save you steps. They’re pretty in the bargain.

1960-vintage-western-electric-telephone-ads (2)

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